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Co-Citation is the next big thing in SEO. Google is experimenting and rolling out a list of algorithms changes. These changes are affecting how search engine optimization works. Backlinks, keywords, and anchor text were dominant a few years ago when determining how SEO works. The constant changes on how Google’s ranking system and algorithm works has changed the weighting of anchor text, keyword, and backlink factors. As much as it has changed how they are used, they still play a crucial role in SEO.

There was a great revolution in link building, for instance, when google introduced the famous Google Panda and Google Penguin updates. The introduction meant that new and more versatile methods would affect search engine optimization. This has attributed to the diminishing significance of elements such as anchor text and being replaced by the new methods of co-occurrence and co-citation SEO has.

What is Co-Citation?

This is a procedure of building links without the actual links. In contrast with anchor texts, embedding of actual links to phrases and words, it doesn’t have to necessarily use the actual links to your blog or website. The process precisely refers to the resemblances between two webpages established by a third-party webpage that refers to the first two webpages in association with each other. Google will identify a relation between the sites and then use it as a vital feature in search engine ranking. This is the co-citation definition

The Theory of Co-Occurrence Definition.

Although this term is interchangeably used with co-citation, they actually have different roles. Those with a keen eye towards neo SEO development claim that co-occurrence doesn’t relate two sites together. It refers to the association of several particular phrases or keywords that are in close proximity to each other. The adjacent proximity nature generates a relation and association that google understands hence an important search engine aspect.

The Rationale

Over a couple of years, site owners effectively influenced anchor text to deceitfully enhance their sites’ search engine rankings. Google discovered this technique and is penalizing the users. The whole notion behind google is to offer its users with the most useful, accurate, and valued information. For them to stand with these values, they need to constantly update their algorithm methods.

How to Earn Co-Occurrence and Co-Citation? 

Google introduced the two aspects in order to have quality content, genuine web presence and being active on the internet. You need to undertake numerous measures for you to earn more co-occurrence and co-citation for your blog or site:

  • Creating high-quality content worth mentioning and sharing in the web
  • Being proactive on the internet, discussion boards, and in forums
  • Writing more on hot, trendy matters so that writers cite your content

Understanding the above concept needs a sharp mind. The basic takeaways for site owners are clear; you can link at will with other commanding sites in your niche. When looking for inward links, not only be mindful of the relevance and domain authority of a linking site but also where else the site associates to. This rules out link buying tactics and no linking to low-quality sites.

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