When to start looking for a good daycare for your toddler

If you’re a movie buff, you will have noticed that in some movies, pregnant women line up at some popular preschool’s office to reserve a spot there for their unborn child. One example of such a movie is The Seventh Sign where Demi Moore’s character is trying to get her unborn child listed for a future interview at a daycare that guarantees students entry into top Ivy League schools when they study there as a child. The reason why she is signing up so early is because the pre school day care vacancy of such institutions tends to get filled up very quickly.

While this may seem somewhat ludicrous, there is actually some truth to this in real life. There are a lot of early learning facilities that accept applicants for their limited slots months before the child is even born. This is true in London and in some of the big cities in the US. Thankfully, in Australia, this is not a fast trend.

When to find an early education facility for your child

No, you don’t need to be like those mums in the movies who line up while still enceinte, trying to get their child on a wait list for a pre school day care vacancy. You can always do this a few months before you feel your child is ready to attend day care or any preschool facility near you.

The ideal time for you to find an early learning vacancy for your child is when they are nearing 18 months in age up to 3 years. This is a great age for them to enter a day care since it helps them adjust to their peers and other people earlier. This will help them learn how to socialize and will also help you, as a parent, get some time for yourself away from your child.

How to find an early education facility for your toddler

To find a pre school day care vacancy for your toddler, you can use a few different methods.

  • You can ask people you know for recommendations.
  • Ask neighbours about the early learning facilities their youngsters are going to.
  • You can also look for these day care facilities on your own by going online.

To search for facilities near you online, you can type in the search bar of your favourite browser the phrase early education centers near me. You have to enable your browser to detect your location so that the results will be accurate. You can also do a search using the phrase early education centre and then the area you are living in.

If terms like early education facilities near me don’t give you the results you are looking for, you can always consult with people you know who have school age children and ask them where they send their kids. Put together a list of possible preschools for your child and check out each one before you enrol your toddler. One institution that you probably don’t need to investigate when planning to enrol your child is Lady Gowrie. This is an institution that has been around since 1940. To find out more about them, you should check out

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